I will add my small voice to the uproar. You can send a message to the ESA that, until they change their stance on SOPA/PIPA, we will not support them. E3 is the ESAs main source of revenue. I would encourage everyone not to attend, and definitely not to cover the E3 proceedings this year. I don't know how we could send a clearer message than that. The ESA is supposed to represent us, the gaming community, but clearly with this issue they have lost sight of that mission statement. They must be reminded who they represent.

I would have shut this site down for the day on the 18th to join in protest, but by the time I learned about the organized shutdown, it was too late for me to do it. But I am glad to see that at least some politicians seem to have gotten the message.

If you don't know what SOPA/PIPA is, learn, and understand that the way we use the internet is under attack at its very core. I'm a very big anti-piracy sort of person, I was raised to believe that stealing is wrong (and piracy, no matter what justifications you use for it, is stealing, full stop). But SOPA/PIPA is so misguided and fundamentally flawed that you can't help but be scared. There are right and wrong ways to combat piracy, and these bills definitely fall into the latter category.