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Thread: Site issues?

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    Question DDO Quest List and Dedicated Group

    Was checkin that stuff out and noticed a few discrepancies for locations of quests and a couple for favor (A Vision of Destruction gives 9/18/27 I think... my main has 18 for hard sooo). Also, what is going on with the dedicated group? What server are you on and all that? I have an interest in adding a couple more people to our group on Ghallanda and perhaps getting two running in tandem so we can get a good solid party all raid/epic ready. If there are others of like mind let me know

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    Yeah, I've got to update it again. I update the general list based on what our dedicated team has run, and I used to do that every week. But now it's more like twice a year or so. It's way behind. The team list shows we have less than 2000 favor, and in game we are getting pretty close to 2500, so that's how far behind I am in updating it, heh.

    Our team runs on Sarlona (as a part of the dedicated teams guild) once a week. As far as I know, we are the highest level group in the guild (we are all 20), and very possibly the oldest active static group (we've had the same six people for over three years now). We've run just about every quest in the game, with the exception of a three or four of the raids (we're farming boot parts now to open up our next raid challenge).

    If you are interested in setting up or joining an existing team, and you don't mind moving servers to Sarlona, you might want to talk to Theft. He's the guild leader. I know there are teams with openings available. I think even the team that is just below us (level 18 or 19) has an open spot (we raid with them sometimes, and I seem to remember they had lost a player last time we had talked).
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